Blue Light

What is it?

Blue light is a short wavelength color in the spectrum, which means it produces higher amounts of energy.

Lab studies show that excessive blue light exposure may increase risk for macular degeneration and can damage your retina due to its penetrating ability.

Have you noticed fatiguing eye strain, painful headaches or poor quality sleep after being on a computer or watching too much TV? That's blue light working its magic on you.

Blue Light Color Scale

What can I do?

With the rapid evolution of technology, our screen time will keep increasing. Many careers wind up being sedentary, with our eyes glued to a digital monitor.

Although avoiding screens altogether is near impossible, we can counter act it by utilizing blue ray filtering glasses.

Exposure to blue light may affect your rest cycle by delaying the release of sleep-inducing melatonin and throwing off your circadian rhythm.

How does it work?

We utilize a blue light blocking lens that will alleviate eyes and minimize digital headaches, without the need to shift screen color like the "Night" modes found on various mobile devices & laptops.

Customers describe the Lumadux experience as if their eye sight has been "softened."

Our glasses give you the clarity of a normal clear lens, with the added benefits of protecting your eyes and reducing strain. Say goodbye to over-the-counter drugs and welcome a new safe & natural remedy.