If you experience

Dry & burning eyes
 Painful eye strain
 Debilitating headaches & migraines
 Poor quality sleep
 Random dizziness or vertigo

👓 Lumadux can help. Our glasses address all these common side effects by filtering out all the harmful blue light we expose our bodies to on a daily basis.

🌟 Over 1,000+ verified reviews, customers often say Lumadux are the "best glasses" they've ever owned. Read through the life-changing testimonials our customers have experienced.

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Definitely helps with eye strain and headaches caused by constant screen time.

Shane P.

I love wearing them. Lightweight and barely noticeable - I now own 3 pairs!

Frankie A.

Great fit and comfortable for all day use.

Mike S.
Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses
Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses
Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses
Lumadux Anti Blue Light Glasses

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Alleviate Eye Strain

Prolonged screen exposure may create tension and stress on your optic nerves, leaving you with burning, stinging, watery eyes or painful pressure with an exhausted feeling. Lumadux Glasses makes your eyes feel softer.

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Reduce Digital Headaches

Does your head hurt after using a computer, watching TV, or using a phone? Our glasses filter out blue light exposure from digital devices. Read through the life changing customer reviews after discovering Lumadux!

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Support Natural Sleep

Did you know that blue light may affect your sleep cycle by delaying the release of sleep-inducing melatonin and throwing off your circadian rhythm? Blocking these rays may help your body revert back to its natural rest cycle.

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Crafted for Comfort

We worked with the industry's top device users to bring you the best quality filtering technology, paired with a lightweight, ergonomically designed frame to help combat Computer Vision Syndrome.

For All Digital Users

Soften your vision while using any digital device, whether it be a gigantic LED television, digital monitor display, or a handheld tablet/phone. Our glasses are available in zero (none) power or reader strengths for your comfort.

Premium Materials

Top of the line, lightweight, rimless metallic frames with high-quality polycarbonate, impact, and scratch resistant lenses, ensured to last. Created for all applications of wearing and use, whether it's for the workplace or home leisure, we believe you should look great while feeling great.



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